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 Call 217-782-2000 and tell your State Rep. to vote in favor of HB 4715

I am contacting you today to urge your support for House Bill 4715. As proposed, this measure would allow police officers to cite, rather than arrest, minor cannabis offenders. If a citation is issued, a court appearance is not  required if the person intends to plead guilty to the charge.

Otherwise law-abiding citizens who use cannabis responsibly are not part of the crime problem, and we must stop arresting and criminally prosecuting them. In 2006, the last year for which national data is available, law enforcement arrested over 829,000 persons for marijuana violations ­ the highest annual total ever recorded.  Of those arrested, approximately 90 percent were charged with minor cannabis possession only.

Arresting minor marijuana offenders and mandating them to appear in court overburdens Illinois taxpayers and wastes law enforcement resources.Passage of HB 4715 will save police and prosecutors' time, and comport state law with the policies of numerous Illinois municipalities.

Once again, I urge you to support the passage of HB 4715.  It is a common sense approach that will refocus law enforcement resources on fighting violent and more serious crimes.  Please support House Bill 4715 and stop wasting taxpayers' dollars arresting minor marijuana violations.    -2008

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 December 2008 )
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